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Liquid Waste Haulers

Permitting, Compliance, Assistance & Enforcement Section

Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) is authorized to inspect septic tank cleaners (a.k.a. liquid waste haulers, pumper trucks) on an annual basis. All liquid waste haulers need to apply for and obtain PDEQ licenses for their business and for each vehicle used in the collection and/or transportation of all human excreta, industrial and commercial waste before it is used in any liquid waste collection activity.

A prospective liquid waste hauler shall submit the completed PDEQ Liquid Waste Hauler Business Application to:

Pima County Department of Environmental Quality
33 North Stone, 7th floor
Tucson, AZ 85701

Once received, the liquid waste hauler will be contacted to schedule a mutually convenient inspection time. Once the vehicle(s) are inspected and approved, an invoice will be sent to the business owner. The yearly permit fees are as follows: $90.00 for the annual liquid waste transporter business permit and $46.00 per vehicle (annual) for the liquid waste vehicle permit.

An Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Application for a Septic Tank Cleaner (Pumper) License will be provided to the business owner prior to or during the first routine inspection. PDEQ will forward the completed application to ADEQ for issuance of a permanent, non-transferable vehicle license number. Once received, this ADEQ license number needs to be posted on the rear face of the tank and both side door panels in three-inch high numbers.

Liquid Waste Haulers Permitted with Pima County
Liquid Waste Hauler Business Application
Liquid Waste Hauler fees
Liquid Waste Hauler Inspection Form
List of Approved Dump Sites
ADEQ License Application
Closure Notification Form (to lawfully abandon a septic tank/system)




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