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PDEQ issues Permits, Authorizations and Approvals in the following catagories to ensure facilities are legally constructed and operated, and that discharges to the air, water and soil are within standards set by local, state and federal regulations.

Applications and related forms can be found at the respective links below.

"Operating Permit" for businesses, facilities, buildings, structures, etc
"Permit" for burning of trees, leaves, brush, etc
"Activity Permit" for grading, trenching, etc
"Activity Permit" required by federal regulations
"Construction Authorization" and "Discharge Authorization"
"Construction Authorization" and "Discharge Authorization"
"Approval to Construct" and "Approval of Construction"
"Operating Permit"
"Certificate of Approval for Sanitary Facilities for a Subdivision"
"Permit" for operation of septic pumper truck
"Permit" for operation of hazardous waste generators
"Permit" for operation of trash haulers (garbage trucks)



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