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ASARCO Mission Complex Mine Tailings Dust

Below is a list of recent documents related to dust emissions from the ASARCO Mission Complex tailings dam. This web page will be updated as information becomes available.



Public Notice Request to Tucson Newspapers (9-19-2013)


ASARCO Tailings Management Plan Final Submittal (9-19-2013)


Settlement Agreement (9-19-2013)


Notice of Violation (NOV) (1-25-2013)

Notice of Violation (NOV)(1-11-2013)  


Pima County Administrator Memo to Board of Supervisors (10-15-2010)  
ASARCO Statement(10--15-2010)  
Settlement Agreement (10-15-2010)  
PDEQ Open Houses for Preliminary Draft ASARCO Air Quality Permit(9-8-2010)  
ASARCO Mission Mine Air Quality Issues Update(6-14-2010)  
ASARCO Response to PDEQ Final Compliance Determination (FCD) (5-28-2010)  
ASARCO Response to PDEQ April 2010 Notice of Violation (NOV) (5-18-2010)  
PDEQ-issued April 2010 Notice of Violation (NOV) (4-27-2010)  
PDEQ Final Compliance Determination for November 2009 NOV & December 2009 NOV (4-27-2010)  
EPA-Clean Air Act Compliance Status Information Request(4-13-2010)  
ASARCO Response to PDEQ Comments on Draft Berm Building Dust Control Plan (4-1-2010)  
PDEQ Comments & Follow up Questions After Berm Construction Dust Control Plan Meeting (3-5-2010)  
PDEQ Receipt Acknowledgement of ASARCO Response to NOVs (3-5-2010)  
PDEQ Update Memo to Pima County Administrator (3-4-2010)  
UA Particulate Analysis of Samples in Vicinity of ASARCO Mission Mine(3-2-2010)  
ASARCO Tailings - UA Atmospheric Sciences/Superfund Program Response to EPA Region 9 Analysis
ASARCO Tailings Dam # 8 Sample Analysis Results from EPA laboratory (2-12-2010)  
ASARCO Meeting Request to Discuss Proposed Berm Construction Dust Control Plan (2-12-2010)  
PDEQ Response to ASARCO regarding OC (2-9-2010)  
ASARCO Response to Notices of Violation (NOV) (1-27-2010)  
PDEQ Site Report of Sampling at ASARCO Tailings Dam #8 (1-25-2010)  
PDEQ Denial of Extension Request (1-15-2010)  
ASARCO Request for 30-Day Extension to Respond to NOV (1-8-2010)  
Pima County Administrator Memo to Board of Supervisors (1-5-2010)  
ASARCO Response to OC(12-23-2009)  
PDEQ-issued December 2009 Notice of Violation (NOV) (12-22-2009)  
DEQ Report of ASARCO Inspection(12-22-2009)  
PDEQ-issued November 2009 Notice of Violation (NOV) (11-13-2009)  
PDEQ-issued October 2009 Opportunity to Correct (OC)(10-21-2009)  
University of Arizona Study - Phytostabilization of Mine Tailings in Arid and Semiarid Environments -
An Emerging Remediation Technology
PDEQ-issued Air Quality Permit (06-16-2003)  


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