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PDEQ provides FREE environmental education and outreach for youth, business, association, agency, and community groups of all ages and affiliations in Pima County.

Topics include and are not limited to the following:

Air quality
Compliance regarding airborne dust rules
• Alternate modes of transportation
Solid waste management/recycling
• Pollution prevention
Health and wellness related to air quality
• Climate change
• Green business
• Going green (or eco smart) and being a good neighbor
Storm water
Water quality for well owners and regulated systems

Click on the following links for more information on:

Air Quality Advisories
Current Air Quality Information
Kids for Clean Air
Educator/Teacher Resources
News Releases
Literature and articles

PRESENTATIONS are FREE and often customized, so if your topic needs to be specialized, for instance, to meet state standards or you need to discuss airborne dust with your site supervisors, let us know and we’ll focus the topic to meet your needs.

Who do we do presentations for?

• Classrooms (Teachers click here)
• After school and summer programs
• Public library programs
• Businesses
• Associations
• Government agencies
• Community & neighborhood groups

See descriptions of several presentations offered.

BOOTHS: Staff can provide information and an educational activity at BOOTHS for:

• Business benefits or health fairs
• Environmental fairs
• Earth Day events
• Community events

LITERATURE and ARTICLES on many environmental topics are available at outreach events and may also be distributed on an individual basis. Articles may be reprinted in community newsletters or newspapers upon request.


Air Pollution and Your Health
Kids for Clean Air Newsletters
51 Ways to Green the Earth - Bookmark - Poster
Change a Light, Change the World
Pima County Environmental Resources Guide (under revision)
How Green Can You Go? activity sheet
About Air Pollution (brochure for kids)
Save Money, Save Gas (bookmark)
Airborne Dust Information
Recycle While You Work
Storm Water Pollution Prevention
Tips for Desert Dwellers
Fireplaces, Woodstoves, and Clean Air in Pima County


Pet Waste and Storm Water Pollution - November 2009
Good Neighbor Guide for Horse-Keeping: Manure Management - November 2009
A Halloween of Green is Keen - October 2009
International Walk to School Day Attracts Millions Across the Planet - September 2009
First Home to Receive Pima County Green Remodel Certification - September 2009
Habitat for Humanity Tucson Builds Greenest Homes Ever - August 2009
Back to School Eco Smart and Wallet Wise - August 2009
Highest Particulate Levels Ever Measured on July 22 - August 2009
Inspiring Eco Messages - May 2009
Green Your Halloween – October 2008
Pet Waste and Storm Water Pollution - November 2007
We’re on the Road to Somewhere – April 2007
Smoking Chimneys Burning Lungs January 2007
Vehicle Maintenance and Storm Water Pollution Prevention – October 2006
When Leaves Fall – September 2006
Driving Safely in a Haboob – July 2006
Summertime Funtime with Off-Road Vehicles – June 2006
Disturbed Land, a New Focus – April 2006
Crackling, Smoking Wildfires – March 2006
The Nose Job – February 2006
Bust the Dust in Your Fireplace – January 2006
Off Road Riders, Bust the Dust – December 2005
Landowners Bust the Dust – October 2005
Bust the Dust Background Info – September 2005

Environmental Quality Public Service Announcements

Listen to our latest radio commercials addressing actions we can each take to breathe easier and save resources. Many thanks to 92.9 The Mountain radio station for obtaining permission from Grammy Award winning "Maroon 5" to use their song "Harder to Breathe" and to Clear Channel radio for providing the talent, recording studio time, and air time at no charge.

Check the air in your tires
Watch your dust on ATV's
Drive less one day a week
Click your gas cap all the way shut
Avoid excess idling

PDEQ's Clean Air Program radio commercials

Missing Mountains
Combine Errands
Maintain Your Car
Car Pool or Bus
Maintain Your Tire Pressure

Scene from "Got Dust?"

PDEQ's Fugitive Dust Program “Got Dust?” 30-second television commercial (WMP)

PDEQ's Fugitive Dust Program “Got Dust?” radio commercial

Call PDEQ at 724-7400 to schedule a presentation, invite us to attend your event, or if you have a question regarding environmental issues in Pima County.








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