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What is the second largest energy user in your home?

WaterHeaterWater heating uses 16 percent of the total energy used at home, second only to space heating.

Here are some ideas to reduce the amount of hot water you use to save you money on your water heating bill, as well as your water consumption bill.

  1. Turn down the temperature. Set your water heater at 120° F (instead of 140° as many do) to save between 6-10% on your energy bill. It will also slow the buildup of minerals and corrosion in the water heater and in the pipes, which will reduce replacement costs.
  2. When you go on vacation, turn down the thermostat even more. It there is no risk of freezing, turn it off completely when you will be away for several days.
  3. Wash laundry with cold water. Due to newer technologies in laundry detergents and washers, both whites and colors clean well in cold water. Cold water can also protect colors from fading. For tough stains, use warm water instead of hot.
  4. Install low-flow showerheads and aerators on faucets. They will reduce the amount of water you use, as well as the cost to heat the water. A double-whammy of savings.

Taking these simple steps to save water and energy will keep your bills down and reduce associated air quality emissions from burning fossil fuels at home and/or at the power generating plant.

Thanks to Tucson Electric Power for some of the above information.



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