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Open Burning

Open Burning is the burning of materials such as trees, brush, leaves, grass and other debris where smoke and other emissions are released directly into the air without passing through a chimney or stack. Air pollution from open burning can cause serious health problems, obscure visibility, or damage to the environment. Pima County DEQ regulates opening burning to address these concerns. Pima County DEQ rules require a permit for open burning; however, a permit is not required for certain types of open burning such as campfires, barbeques, and small fires for warmth.



Report Form

Fee schedule

The following Fire Districts are delegated the authority for open burning permits within their districts.  Please contact them directly to inquire about open burning within their districts:

  • Arivaca (520-398-2003)
  • Avra Valley (520-682-3256)
  • City of Tucson (520-791-4512)
  • Golder Ranch (520-825-9001)
  • Green Valley (520-625-9438)
  • Mt. Lemmon (520-576-1201)
  • Picture Rocks (520-682-4960)
  • Rincon Valley (520-647-3760)
  • Three Points (520-822-1086)

Open burn regulations



You may contact the Air Program for further assistance.


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