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BioFuels Seminar - October 2002

The 2002 Biofuels Seminar was held on October 31, 2002, at the Tucson Convention Center. It brought together potential biofuels users, distributors, scientists, researchers, and government regulators to discuss biofuel alternatives for the operation of automotive and truck fleets. Presentations were given from several perspectives and included topics such as the present state of the biofuels industry, costs and benefits to the user, and how these fuel alternatives might help in the battle with air pollution. Copies of the presentations have been included on this web page.

The seminar was sponsored by City of Tucson Department of Operations, Pima Association of Governments, Pima County Automotive Services, Environmental Quality, and Superintendent of Schools, and Tucson Unified School District. Arizona Petroleum, Raytheon Missile Systems, Southern States Power, Supreme Oil, Tucson Electric Power, and World Energy provided additional financial support.

BioFuels seminar final agenda

Seminar evaluation results (pdf)


E-85 Fuel - Todd Sneller, National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition

Implementation Of Biodiesel Blends - Richard Hiatt, ASU Graduate Studies

Biodiesel National Perspective - Dr. K. Shaine Tyson, Renewable Diesel Project Mgr, National Renewable Energy Laboratory 

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